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But there is this strange feeling of monotony-not through the events or the characters: Mr Wouk really gives us the Poland in which the Jewish community lived exactly as that portrayed in Fiddler on the Roof, hysterically excited New York and the Battle of Britain. The first twenty lines of the text prove to define life as busy, crowded, and filled with a spectrum of different emotions. It is hard to maintain those fantasies at forty, however, as Weetzie discovers, and readers may find the story a little dated-there are a lot of references to the punk scene of the 1980's (Kurt Cobain, bands playing Sunset Blvd.etc. )-and latex book equation numbering ( Breakfast at Tiffany's, twelve dancing princesses, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, etc. Weetzie thinks her story is a magic realist novel or a Fellini movie, but it feels more like a parody of. Tom Robbins, a novel for fifteen-year-old girls who dream of shopping for clothes on Melrose Ave.

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